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A yogini, mother-to-be, chocolate loving pharmacist…Jox took time out to share her joys about pregnancy yoga with us.  One of the amazing things about teaching yoga is hearing about all the wonderful benefits it brings to one’s life.

Why did you start pregnancy yoga?

I began to improve my physical strength and general wellbeing throughout my pregnancy.  I found that it gives me a sense of balance and a positive outlook on life in general.  I hope to continue and join the mum and baby yoga class after the baby arrives.

How long have you been practicing pregnancy yoga?

I began pregnancy yoga at week 14.  Hence I have been practicing for 11 weeks.  Prior to that I had attended a few yoga classes on and off.

What is it like doing yoga while pregnant?

I have found that in most of the classes I have attended our main focus has been based on deep breathing and relaxation exercises as well as stretches that help you throughout pregnancy and birth.  The stretches are modified to suit every individual without over doing it.

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What is your favourite pose and why?

Child’s pose, as I feel it relieves tension in my neck and shoulders.

Best yoga moment

Attending class with other ladies who are also pregnant and sharing our experiences.

What’s your essential item of yoga?

Yoga mat

What is the best thing you have learned from pregnancy yoga so far?

To listen to the body, trust what it tells you and always have a positive outlook each step of the way.

Last book you read

It started with Paris – Cathy Kelly

Naughty but nice

Chocolate cake

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Thank you for the magic 10 Jox.  Enjoy this exciting beautiful journey…