Corporate Yoga

The Corporate Yoga Package is designed to meet the needs of your company and employees and can be offered during lunch or straight after work.  Classes can be fully paid for by the company or subsidized by the company.

As a company your ideal employee would be…


Practicing yoga trains people in the fine art of single-pointedness, thereby boosting mental concentration and focus.


A study conducted by Eric Hoffman, Ph.D. that measured brain waves before and after a two-hour yoga class found that alpha waves (relaxation) and theta waves (unconscious memory, dreams, emotions) increased by 40 percent. This means the brain is more deeply relaxed after yoga and the subjects have better contact with their subconscious and emotions. The Scandinavian study is significant for office workers because after the yoga session, alpha waves increased in the right temporal lobe.  That means more creativity and better ability to problem solve.


Practicing yoga transforms apathy and anxiety by oxygenating the brain and increasing the level of endorphins in the bloodstream.  Happier employees are more productive and will stay with your company for longer.  Happier employees always leads to increased staff retention and less absenteeism.

A Team Player

Practicing yoga together is an effective way to build better communication and trust between members of a team.

Corporate Yoga Packages 

Package #1

A single session or a number of sessions for company conferences, training, away days or team building events can be arranged.

Package #2
Wellbeing Days

Wellbeing Days includes yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to help manage and reduce stress levels for employees. Classes can be set up to suit your needs as the employer.

Please call or email me to discuss your employees’ needs.

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