Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is an amazing personal journey for a woman, both mentally and physically.  Practicing pregnancy yoga can help women adapt to the changes in their body in a positive way, through safe and effective yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation.  Yoga is a wonderful and valuable asset in pregnancy empowering a mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience.

Deep breathing and relaxation

For the first time there is evidence that yoga can help keep expectant mothers stress free.  A study by Dr James Newham carried out at Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre at the University of Manchester showed that ‘women who attended a yoga class a week for eight weeks had decreased anxiety scores compared to the control group who received normal antenatal treatment.’

The power of deep breathing is one of yoga’s main tools of discovery and connection.  Relaxation with deep breathing is an effective way to soothe discomforts allowing you to release any fear and tension.

Promotes healthy birth

The classic yoga asanas (postures) are adapted to accommodate the changes in the body as your baby grows.  Yoga can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort whilst relieving some of the common ailments like back pain, heartburn and oedema.

Develops stamina and strength

Yoga helps reduce fatigue and improves sleep while promoting strength, flexibility, increased energy and circulation.  Many women find that they regain their shape and fitness quicker after giving birth.

Keeps you and your baby fit

Yoga also offers you the time and space to connect with your baby.  Stretching and relaxing nurtures you, creating a sense of wellbeing and contentment that extends from you to your baby.


Coming to classes is also a great way to bond and form friendships as part of a community of pregnant women.

Birth and beyond

Deep breathing and exercises prepare you for birth by strengthening your birthing muscles, greatly empowering you from within, helping you to listen to your body, stay centred and respond calmly.  These benefits can continue long after birth when deep breathing is used to tone the pelvic floor into peak condition.  In addition to helping you recover your figure and muscle tone it helps to keep your energies in balance as you draw strength from within to adjust to the demands of caring for your new born.

“It is the growing presence of an embryo that teaches us our paths are truly joined.”

Climbing Sun

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga helps to encourage women to reconnect with themselves and their new post-pregnancy bodies.  Most women are very attentive to their babies needs but need reminding that in order to look after a child (a life time’s work) they really need to look after themselves.  Women need to keep in tune with what is happening within their bodies and not push things too much too soon. Gentle movements with your baby can help you gradually and safely recover not only your figure and muscle tone but your inner strength and confidence.  This is also a wonderful time to meet other women going through the same experience as you and most importantly get to know your baby in a relaxed environment.


  • Rest during first trimester
  • Start yoga in second trimester
  • Take up postnatal classes after birth 

Private Prenatal Sessions

1 to 1 prenatal yoga sessions are available upon request.

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