Yoga Classes Nairobi, Kenya 

Yoga is an ancient discipline that has been passed down, over thousands of years, in a tradition of teacher to student.  There is an exchange of energy, warmth and humour in the coming together that cannot be extracted from a book.  Coming to a yoga class helps to aid your own self practice.  Yoga is a gentle way to get you back in touch with your body.  One of its greatest values is that it gives a taste of inner stillness.

I currently teach yoga classes in Nairobi, Kenya.

Please see class descriptions and schedule further below…

Yoga Beginners Course

This course is suitable for complete beginners and anyone looking to brush up on their yoga basics. If you are new to yoga, or simply curious, the beginner course is a perfect way to get started. The course introduces the classic body of yoga asanas (postures) and basic sequences, including sun salutations. A focus on healthy alignment principles and an introduction to pranayama (breathing practices) will help build strength and flexibility. Students will receive personal attention from the teacher week to week providing an ideal environment for learning.  Props are used where necessary to achieve the necessary asana (posture).   This course offers a way to begin your practice and discover yoga in a safe and fun space.

Pregnancy Yoga

If you are pregnant you are welcome to attend this class from the second trimester of your pregnancy.  It’s never too late to practice pregnancy yoga. Whether you’re a gym addict or new to exercise you will find that yoga brings a calm strength and inner balance that enables you to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead. You will be given appropriate modifications and adjustments to ensure both you and your baby’s safety. This is a dynamic fluid style class where you will enjoy a balance between dynamic and restful poses, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized. So come along and experience the benefits of yoga…

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Empowers conscious birth experience
  • Keeps you and your baby fit
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes healthy birth
  • Quickens recovery
  • Reduces backache
  • Strengthens birthing muscles
Postnatal Yoga

Every new mom needs a dedicated self-love practice to nourish the mind and body. From getting your pre-baby body back, to keeping you feeling calmer and more balanced, incorporating a regular yoga practice post-baby can help you get back to you.

You are welcome to join this class if you are at least 6 weeks post partum (8 weeks if you have had a C-section).   Once you’re cleared for exercise following childbirth, yoga can be a great way to build strength, improve posture, increase energy levels and reduce symptoms of postpartum depression.  Adjusting to life as a new mom, whether it’s your first time or not, can take some getting used to.  This class is designed with postnatal yoga poses to support and facilitate the healing and recovery of the body and mind whilst empowering you on your journey as a new mum.  You will be given appropriate modifications and adjustments to help you ease back into practice..


  • Reacquaint with your body
  • Restore balance
  • Acknowledge and surrender feelings of tiredness
  • Overcome any anxiety that you may not be a good enough mother
  • Avoid a build up of tension
  • Combat postnatal fatigue and backache linked to poor posture
  • Strengthen the lower back muscles
  • Tone the abdominal muscles
  • Promote blood circulation in the pelvis around a Caesarean scar
  • Prevent or relieve lower backache especially if linked to muscular tension around the sciatic nerve
  • Regain agility
  • Dissolve stress as it arises every day
  • Relax and let go creating space for quality time with loved ones
  • Take time to heal a difficult birth experience or trauma, forgiving yourself and all involved
Yoga Flow

A dynamic class, starting slowly to ease into the body then gradually progressing to dynamic flowing sequences with a strong focus on alignment before ending in deeper longer held asanas (postures) working on flexibility and stillness. The class is open to people of all levels as modifications are given. This class will take you on a beautiful arc of practice leaving the body feeling enlivened, rejuvenated and the mind centred.

Yin Yoga

Develop inner awareness, improved circulation and flexibility throughout the body with this easeful, quieting practice. Yin Yoga is a slow style of yoga where one holds each posture for longer periods of time while focusing on the breath and the sensations in the body.  Yin postures are passive, mostly floor based and require as much from the mind as the body.

Join us for long held, simple stretches that challenge the mind to process negative thought patterns in a compassionate and accepting way. Body sensations are navigated by building inner stamina and endurance and developing a mindfulness based meditation practice. You’ll finish this class feeling a profound sense of inner calm, with more space and a greater range of motion.  This class is guided with inspirational readings and beautiful music.

Yoga Nidra

Let go of your day and find full body relaxation with a soothing sequence of supported poses to help you release tension from your fingers to your toes.  Yoga Nidra roughly translates to ‘Yogic Sleep’. From visualizations to calm a busy mind, to breathing techniques to settle the nervous system and postures to relieve tension in your body, you will learn a variety of simple, practical techniques that you can use each night to prepare for a deep, restful sleep.

This class is designed to move you through a few gentle yoga postures to relax and settle the energies of the body. Followed by a comfortable and supported relaxation to allow your body to completely relax and rejuvenate.

Yoga Classes


Please note you may need to pre-book to join some of the classes.


Postnatal Yoga next start date TBA Book online


Beginners Yoga next start date TBA Book online



Morning Hatha Yoga Flow – Mixed Ability 9-10am Book online



Pregnancy Yoga 5.30-6.30pm Book online



Yin Yoga TBA Book online


Beginners:  Welcome More info: +254 7016 03995

Yoga Teacher: Shugu Venue: Bowling Green, Karen Country Club, Karen Days: Mondays 5-6pm

Hatha Yoga Flow – Mixed Ability

Join our yoga community and enjoy the sunset whilst celebrating the end of Monday with a class that builds alignment awareness, pose knowledge and room for discovery.

This class is perfect if you want to increase your knowledge of key poses and how they can be adapted to suit your body. Poses will build strength and mobility, as well as offering opportunities for challenge and growth in your mind and body.

A blend of classic postures, deep stretching and calming breathwork to relax the body and de-stress the mind. The pace of the class can be gentle or more dynamic depending on the day, or mood of the participants! Classes build endurance, flexibility, stability, and concentration, with a luxurious rest at the end (called Savasana).

Mondays 5pm-6pm

For more information please call Shugu on 0701 603 995

Getting Started Online

It’s easy to get started online – but whether it’s your first time attending an online class, or you want to improve the experience – here are tips for getting the most out of your practice.

You’ll want a device with a video camera and microphone, so that we can both see and hear you (like a laptop, tablet/iPad or smartphone). The bigger the screen, the better so that you can see your teacher clearly.

Get Everything Ready

Before you begin your class make sure you

  • Find a space with enough room to practice freely
  • Have any kit you might need at hand (cushions, socks, an extra layer)
  • Have Zoom installed on your device and can sign into the class
  • Position your device where you can comfortably see it
  • Turn up the volume on your device so that you can hear your teacher
  • Have good internet connection (video uses a lot of bandwidth)

How it works

We use Zoom to deliver our online classes. It is a popular video conferencing platform that you may already be familiar with.

If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry, it’s easy to set up. First, you’ll need a Zoom account. Head over to Zoom’s sign up page and create a free account.

Although it’s possible to use Zoom through a web browser we highly recommend that you download and install the mobile app for your Apple or Android device, or the desktop software for your laptop.

Then you can sign in from your device to check your audio and video works, and you should be all set to join your first class!

What to expect

When you find a class or course you want to join, click book now. This will take you to the booking software which will ask you to register your details and pay for the class or course in advance.

Email confirmation

Once you have paid, within a few minutes you will receive an email confirming your booking. Enrollment for online classes closes 60 minutes before classes are scheduled to commence, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Check your inbox for another email with the ZOOM meeting link around 30-45 minutes before the start of the class. Don’t forget to check your junk folder for the email, and if you find it there remember to mark it ‘not junk’ to prevent missing future emails. Keep the email safe.

The link in the email will allow you to join the class in either an app or your browser.

Ready to begin

The class will open registration 10 minutes before the class is due to begin. Please take a few minutes to get yourself settled when you first arrive. We recommend that you create a space for yourself where you have some room to move, a good WiFi signal, and minimal background noise.

The teacher will greet you as you sign in and will ask you to gather any blankets or cushions that you’ll need for the class.

Controlling your screen

Within Zoom, you have the option to change what you see on your screen. You can choose between “Gallery” view (where you can see a bunch of different talking heads in smaller windows) and “Speaker” view (where you see only the person currently talking, in a large window). “Gallery” is nice before and after class so you can chat and recognise friends. “Speaker” view is usually best for the actual class.

Position your device

Usually, it’s better to place your device higher up on a table or shelf so that you can see your teacher from a variety of positions. Please have your mat rolled out and ready. Or if you don’t have a mat, you can practice on your carpet or a rug on wooden floorboards. Some people find a large towel on a carpeted floor works well too.

Connection issues

If your connection gets sketchy during class, try turning off your video camera (so you can still see us, we just can’t see you). That will usually help as it places less demand on your device and internet connection.

Good class etiquette

Starting a class

When you join the class, your microphone should automatically be muted. This is to reduce any audio feedback and keeps the virtual meeting space from becoming an echo chamber!

As a general rule, if you have arrived before the class start time, you may wish to unmute yourself to say hello to your teacher and let them know about any new injuries or illness you currently have. Then you should mute your microphone once the class has started.

Your teacher will say hello and give you an overview of the theme of the class for that session. You might hear the teacher mention that they’re starting the recording – the recording will be in “speaker view” so that only the teacher will be shown.

Asking questions

If you have any questions for the teacher during the class, you’re welcome to unmute yourself and ask. The teacher can’t monitor the chat window during class, so your voice is the best way to get the teacher’s attention.

Please note, if you do unmute yourself, the recording will be in “speaker” view and so you will be visible on the recording that is available to other registered Yoga Fitness students after class.


Learning at home is different from being in a dedicated studio space, and it’s natural that you may encounter interruptions from pets, children or a delivery. If you need to switch off video or leave the room temporarily – that’s okay.

The end of a class

At the end of your class, there will be 5 minutes for you to chat to your teacher and fellow students. You are actively invited to ask questions or speak to friends. This helps us to stay connected socially as part of a group. But if you’re feeling pretty chilled and happy to slip off quietly you can choose ‘leave meeting’ and that’s fine too!


The day after your class, you may receive an email asking for feedback. If you have anything you wish to share, requests, or any questions that have come to you after the class, this is a good place to ask them.  The more feedback received, the better idea we’ll have of what our yoga community finds helpful, and the more valuable the content will be.